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Black toasted bread with lard, honey and hazelnut

Cornmeal mush basket with Gorgonzola and bacon

Piedmontese Tartare and sauces

Grilled vegetables with Toma cheese and truffled oil

“Bagna Cauda” with vegetables

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Chestnut and potato dumpling with Castelmagno cheese

Rice with “Fontina” cheese, pears and bread crumble

“Tajarin” pasta with mushrooms and goat cheese flavour

Legume soup and toasted bread

Agnolotto with roasted sauce

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Traditional Piedmontese Barolo braised

Lamb Rib with Rosmary Oil and baked potato

Baked pork shin

D.O.P. Cold Cuts and Cheese Selection

Beef filet with Gorgonzola cheese and hazelnut grains